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Uncertainty is a choice

People are obsessed with uncertainty… we shroud it in intrigue and talk about it as though the cause is otherworldly. But to a Maverick, uncertainty is hardly mystical. It’s the result of a choice.

Uncertainty stems from a focus on things out of our control. Certainty comes as a result of focusing on things within our control. Amazingly, life gives each of us the gift to choose which is most important (or intriguing) during any moment in time.

Certainty can strengthen with time and become more robust when backed by a healthy self-esteem (a different form of confidence), but certainty (and self-esteem) must always begin with a decision – a decision of what to focus on and what information we deem as most important.

More significant than natural ability, is a Maverick’s propensity to master the sails in unpredictable seas. There will always be forces out of our control, but the opposite is also true. The question then becomes, what is most important to you? The sails or the sea?

Be a Maverick,

– Kent

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  • Kath says:

    Interesting post and our ability to find the courage to embrace uncertainty starts with finding the faith to believe in ourselves and something bigger and that can only come when we can get truly inspired.When we can connect to our spirit I think we can begin to move towards our dreams with greater detachment and expectation, at the same time that everything will work out as it should. So much better to be investing one’s energy on growing & moving forward than focused on control and the anxiety that goes with it.Love verses fear I know which I prefer!

  • Joseph Stafford says:

    Greetings Kent.

    I believe uncertainty is more than a simple choice but rather a state of mind that we embrace as a lifestyle. If “certainty” quenches or satisfies fear then the flip of this …. uncertainty in my book quenches our thirst to just have faith, to trust that whatever happens today – tomorrow will always be a better day.

  • Sufiya says:


    Very succinctly put. I think in order to grow we have to develop an ability to sail on uncharted territory, but not to make uncertainty the master.

    I recently wrote a blog on this area (my first one infact!) and I think the problem with uncertainty is the paralysis it can cause. It means we don’t choose, but rather sit on the fence and prolong the anxiety, also sometimes meaning that things that were within our control are not any more.

    Life gets exciting when you go out into unknown territory and learn to master the sails- it’s what I’m taking on daily.

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