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Time is free, yet absolutely priceless

Assume, at the end of today, you had to invoice yourself for the tasks and activities you completed. What’s the grand total? The hourly rate?

Most people struggle to answer these questions because the majority has no idea what their time is worth – they allow others  to decide for them.   Of course, this only encourages abuse and mindless routine.

I find it intriguing how people direct more attention to tracking their dollars and cents than they do accounting for their scarce and dissipating minutes of life. In the common exchange of time-for-income, a lack of clarity here can lead to substantial waste – a waste of personal time, money, energy and countless other resources.  And any form of waste is costly, but a waste of time is vain and irreversible.

Highly effective individuals realize that time is more valuable than skill, money, and almost any other resource. Why?  Because with enough time, you can hone skills, raise capital, nurture relationships, and summon what is required for an exceptional life.  You can always acquire more material things, but you cannot invent more time.

When we place a value on our time, we become aware of how we spend it – what we’re doing and how we do it. In other words, the way we use our time is directly related to how we value it. the reality is that being busy and being productive are two completely different engagements.  And only a deep concern for your time inspires maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

To be most efficient and effective, we must be willing to scrutinize our actions and priorities on a semi-consistent basis to avoid falling into habits that are conducive of time-abuse.  Remember, in the end, your time is worth much more than money; so spend it wisely.

Be uncommon,

– Kent

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