The shape of balance

I know many people who work 90 hours a week… and guess what? They are some of the happiest and most fulfilled people I know.

But how could this be? That’s not a balanced life!

It’s not? Says who?

As a 21st century society we talk a lot about leading a balanced life, but the irony is, there is not a one-size-fits-all definition (Tweet this quote).

If someone spends the majority of their time at the office does that mean they are a work-a-holic? Alternatively, if someone spends the majority of their time and money haphazardly traveling the world on a shoestring budget, does that mean they’re lazy?

One’s dream life may not look the same to you, me, or society. And that’s okay – as long as the greater good benefits in some way too. I look at it this way: True balance is found when one’s lifestyle is both fulfilling and sustainable (Tweet this quote).

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