The Maverick’s brain

We all know what a brain looks like. It’s an odd, wrinkly, lumpy collection of greyish-pink matter. For most people, this organ best serves as an auto-pilot device, helping them perform every-day functions.

To a Maverick, however, the brain is much more than that. It’s a thought-machine, an idea generator… a constant thought bubble.

As the saying goes, “Small minds talk about people. Mediocre minds talk about things. Great minds talk about ideas” (Tweet this quote). There are few moments when a Maverick is not pondering, contemplating, and massaging an idea that could impact the world or their personal lives.

This is not to be confused with constant ‘work,’ however. A Maverick understands that rest is as important as engagement. But… the critical thing to recognize about Mavericks is that ideas simultaneously consume and invigorate them.

Be a Maverick,

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