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How much time have you spent fixated on certain problems in life? If you’re human like me, it’s more than you’d care to admit. But I’ve noticed that when I get “hung up” or “stuck” on something it rarely has anything to do with “facts” or circumstances. Instead, it has everything to do with how I approach the problem.

The answer we need to hear (not always necessarily the one we’re seeking) is often very close — it merely responds to a different cue. That cue is a different question (Tweet this quote).

Remember, reality is never as stubborn as our minds can be. We have the power to change our focus – and that gives us the power to change our reality. So, if questions are shepherds of the mind, then we should get better at re-framing them to ensure we’re moving in a worthwhile direction. Some examples…

  • What will be the next Instagram? >>> Where is there a current void in the market that would benefit from my strengths? 
  • Why do I continue to get the outcome I don’t want? >>> What aspects are showing signs of improvement and how I can I build on them?
  • Is this the best career (or person) for me? >>> Am I increasingly miserable or happy?
  • Should I give up? >>> What was the initial purpose for action and am I moving closer or further from that objective?
  • Why do I never have enough time? >>> What commitments can I eliminate from my life? 
  • How come she is so much better than me? >>> What are 3 things I can do to improve myself?

Some of the changes are simple and small, but the outcome is significantly different.

As Mavericks, we should not only question the answers, we should also question the questions (Tweet this quote).

Be a Maverick,

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