Get Around to it - Kent Healy
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Get around to it

It’s amazing how clever we can be when dreaming up justifications to delay action, but eventually, life goes full circle. And we either reap the rewards or get bitten in the butt. The people who remain the most productive and fulfilled are those who tighten the loop; those who shorten the circuit between necessary action and follow-through. What have you been delaying? Now is a good time to get around to it. Image code: GETAROUND2IT

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Limits don’t set themselves

Someone must draw the line in the sand. But in fear of offending another, or being afraid of letting go of a past routine/habit, or denying there is a problem, we carry on with our daily hustle, avoiding confrontation and setting new limits. Too often we overcommit in the name of overachieving and then overlook…

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