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The first rule of any game

You won’t win a game you don’t know you’re in. If you don’t know you’re in a game you’re won’t be familiar with the rules and you won’t be paying attention to the trends and nuances that spell opportunity for veteran player.

Here’s an example: In high school my older friends would tell me that I should learn “understand the system” and “recognize that it’s all a game.” At first, I thought this sounded great, but I really didn’t understand what it meant so I continued to follow the conventional advice, “just work hard.” …

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What we see depends on where we stand

Two people are walking side by side down a bustling New York street. One walks ahead looking up and the other looking down. Although in the exact same environment, their impression and interpretation of the same city will be very different. And such is life. We don’t act based on an objective and universal interpretation…

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