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When mediocrity is intolerable, success is…

Some people tell me they doubt that they have the drive to work towards extraordinary results. I think this can be addressed by re-framing the issue.

Instead of getting hung up on being ‘successful’ (which often involves a new self-concept that intimates many), we can also develop an intolerance for a half effort, for cutting corners, and for average results.

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Failure is cross-training

We should be optimistic in viewing our setbacks as preparation for future circumstances and opportunities that we cannot yet foresee.

In doing so, failure becomes cross training.

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The pursuit of success can sting

The pursuit of success can be demanding, tough, painful, and tiring… but you know what? The Honey Badger doesn’t care. Nothing will stop it from attempting success.

What about you? How would traits of the Honey Badger increase success in your life?

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A willingness to be wrong creates a Wright

The Wright brothers didn’t fly on their first attempt. They failed countless times before successfully gliding above the earth.  In fact, many of their attempts could be viewed as downright embarrassing. In their day, even the concept of human flight was blasphemy. It was enough to put their psychological condition on trial. But thank God…

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