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People aren’t scalable. But ideas are.

It’s a natural goal to want to maximize resources. But sometimes pursuing “more” causes businesses and leaders to push ahead in the wrong places in the wrong ways. As much as we’d like to think people can continue to increase hours and maintain quality of output, it simply doesn’t work. As long as humans remain human there will be a point of diminishing returns.

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The obvious harbors opportunity

What is ‘obvious’ to one person may not be to another – but we often assume it is. This leads to a lot of unexploited opportunity. What a shame. For example, we often assume: What is is obvious to us is obvious to everybody What is obvious gets the most attention What is obvious has…

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Don’t play the game, change the game

Every so often an individual’s curiosity, frustration, and/or inspiration urges them to break tradition and challenge the status quo.  It’s not about appeasing a subjective moral duty. It’s a drive to encourage others to revisit assumptions to avoid complacency, groupthink, or mediocrity. Sometimes these individuals speak a language that the majority immediately understands and other…

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