Blaze your own path

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Life is not always straight forward

Life may always take the exact flight course we anticipate, but if we keep our spirits high and our ambitions alive, we’ll continue to fly in a desirable direction. And sometimes, to keep our peace of mind amidst the turbulence, we just need to be reminded this simple by liberating idea — hence this drawing.

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Depart from the ordinary.

I like heading the airport and following the departure signs. Not because I like sitting on planes, but because I like the idea of departing from the familiar and beginning a new adventure. Call me crazy, but I enjoy challenging predictable circumstances. It keeps life interesting and forces you to be mentally sharp and engaged. You certainly can’t live an “uncommon life” if your daily life becomes a common collection of routines…

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Create art, not fashion

Fashion is popular and popularity is sought by most. This does beg the question of whether the act of ‘seeking it’ makes fashion a trend of conformity or leadership. Art, on the other hand, is not always popular, but almost always trailblazing and trendsetting. Reflecting on her brother, Steve Jobs, and his exceptional life, Mona…

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