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Think outside of the box

We’ve all heard it before: Think outside of the box. But sometimes it’s good to see a visual cue in our environment that reminds us to do this more frequently. That’s why I created this piece (and Maxims 4 Mavericks).

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Ideas can’t grow in captivity

To protect ourselves from possible embarrassment, ridicule, or judgement, we often live life with a psychological lampshade. We hide our most audacious, crazy (and often most important) ideas from the world. But ideas can’t materialize when held captive in our minds. In fact, ideas multiply in value when they are freed, shared, talked about, and tested.

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Never a lack of resources

Mavericks are not necessarily the most knowledgeable or the most intelligent, but rather, the most resourceful. “Hoping for more” is a waste of time and “having it all” is often a curse disguised as a blessing. Constraints encourage creativity for the truly committed as they provide the impetus to take one more look, ask one more question, and try one more approach. Simply put, constraints make complacency a non-option.

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A picture is paradigm-bending

A picture is… many things, but most importantly it’s a single icon that can represent so many ideas, concepts, beliefs, and messages in one glance. Look even closer and even more is revealed. Images give the viewer enough information to present an theme, without pigeon holing the message. They are suggestive, but ultimately, the viewer is able to take the message or lesson they most need to hear — and that message may be different for each viewer.

Image code: APICTUREIS

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Superstition ends where new action begins

There are two human behaviors that perpetuate superstitions. Subconsciously seeking information that supports our beliefs Clinging to our routine behavior For these two primary reasons we are inclined to create overarching beliefs and general assumptions about what leads to success and failure – or anything in between. This is why so many different people can…

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