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Superstition ends where new action begins

There are two human behaviors that perpetuate superstitions.

  1. Subconsciously seeking information that supports our beliefs
  2. Clinging to our routine behavior

For these two primary reasons we are inclined to create overarching beliefs and general assumptions about what leads to success and failure – or anything in between. This is why so many different people can seemingly happily exist in the same world with so many different and contradictory beliefs about life.

The problem is that not all superstitions serve us. Many times, the the beliefs we think are harmless or helpful actually hinder our ability to be creative and innovative – two necessary 21st century skills that involve… yes, risk.

We can’t innovate or improve by continuing to do the same things because eventually we experience a performance plateau. Thus, breaking superstitions involves taking new action (risk) under a new assumption (open-mindedness), both of which challenge deeply embedded beliefs. But this process allows us to interrupt habitual patterns of thought and recognize potentially new evidence of a new belief.

There can be many binding effects of holding untested assumptions for too long. It leads to complacency, inflexibility, and stubbornness among other things. As a result, Mavericks question their assumptions by experimenting with new action, because they know that new action leads to new, and hopefully better, results.

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  • Lynn says:

    Sweet contribution and great site theme. Keep up the good work.

  • Fay says:

    Great post.

    It is hard to find that ground on which u can stand that will elevate u above the “beliefs” that may have been created over time to be the boundaries and guidelines for every decision.. It’s easy to understand how controlling and possibly limiting we allow ourselves to be as a result of that. Like u said though, taking action obliterates the superstition behind it, but needs a risk to prove. I think the real difficulty lies in taking that step because it will ultimately challenge root belief systems, and no one likes to go there without feeling like their almost “sinning”.

  • Rom says:

    Dear friend,

    I really admire your courage and drive. Your posts are very much in line with my new life.

    It’s increidible what a mind can do if we just let it create in positive ways and step back by not trying to control the environment we operate in.



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