Mavericks stir things up

Innovation is very rarely a smooth and predictable process. In fact, if it is, innovation is likely not taking place at the full pace possible.

No matter the industry or the goal, when it comes to discussing strategy most leaders and business owners intend to seek and/or create calm seas. There is a time and a place for calm, but innovation requires some stirring. Look at this way: The opposite of”stir” is “settle” — and I think we can agree that Mavericks don’t like to settle.

I often hear people say many iterations of how they are, “waiting for the dust to settle.” Why? So you can linger around for everyone else to do the same and then move with the herd? That’s not how great ideas and outcomes are birthed.

The best leaders understand that innovation requires testing our current mental model. In other words, innovation and disruption are kindred spirits. As a result, they intentionally ask numerous inquisitive questions (even if they first appear painfully obvious) that create some discomfort.  Like it or not, disruption stimulates us — we’re simply wired that way. 

Be a Maverick,

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