Someone, somewhere, somehow is going to make my life awesome. (Yeah right)

There are many times my mind starts drifting to a surreal utopia where people feed me cool grapes on a white sand beach while fanning me with palm fronds in a land free of taxes. Ahhhh…

But then I snap out of it! Thankfully, these dreams don’t consume my drive… because I don’t let them. I schedule my own reality checks two times a day by examining my daily goals and results to ensure I’m moving ahead and doing things that matter — because in the end, that IS what matters.

We can request help from others, but progress is personal. It starts with a personal commitment to do-cide.

When Jack Canfield and I were writing The Success Principles for Teens we knew the first chapter had to be “Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life” because without a full understanding and application of this concept we’re merely reacting to life and observing from the sidelines.

Would you like to hope for a better life or have a better life? Well, then stop waiting and wishing and start planning and doing.

No, it’s not new or revolutionary, but sometimes we just need need a friendly reminder… The only person responsible and capable of making your life awesome is, you guessed it, YOU.

Be a Maverick,


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