SW-SW-SW-SW – Some will. Some won’t. So what. Someone’s waiting.

My mentor, Jack Canfield, taught me a lot about rejection and how to overcome it. This has been one of the most important skills I have learned because no one (including me) likes the feeling being turned down.

In fact, one of the main reasons people don’t ask is that they are afraid of being rejected. The truth is, when we ask other people for anything, some are going to say yes, and some are going to say. “No.” And a Maverick says, “So what!”

But not everyone will say no. Out there somewhere, someone is waiting for you: your ideas, your passion, your drive, and your skills. It’s simply a numbers game. Mark Victor Hansen is well known for saying, “What you want wants you” (Tweet this quote).

The next time you share your goals with someone or ask for help, remember the acronym: SW-SW-SW-SW. What you want or need is available to you — you just have to stay in the game long enough to eventually get a “yes” (Tweet this quote).

Be a Maverick,

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* The text above is an excerpt from The Success Principles for Teens, I co-authored with Jack Canfield

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