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Reality is a technicality

Things don’t work that way in the real world” we’re implicitly and/or explicitly told. But even though advice about the “real world” may come with good intentions, it doesn’t make it accurate.

Cautionary counsel is less about fact and more of an outward reflection of an inner belief or opinion based on personal points of reference.  What may be “real” for one person does not mean we are all forced to live there too.

If there were such a thing as a “real world test,” it would have nothing to do with the results of other people.  What matters most is what matters to you and what works for you. All other data is irrelevant.

Mavericks learn from and listen to others, but choose not curb their enthusiasm, creativity, or boldness due to an intimidating narrative.  Simply because an idea is uncommon or untraditional does not mean it will fail in the “real world.”

The real world is not as threatening as it’s made out to be.  The problem is, it’s a place heavily populated with skeptics and cynics who unknowingly endorse the status quo because they find comfort in doing what is popular or common.

Don’t “get real” in light of someone else’s definition of the “real world.” The people who urge you to be more “realistic” generally want you to accept their rules of reality.  If you let others set the parameters of possibility, they will. But this should be your job, no one else’s.

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