Power flows to those who share it

In days past leaders held their cards close. They claimed that power flowed to those who best harbored and defended coveted information.

But information is no longer scarce and very rarely inaccessible. It’s a different world and walking alone and cultivating isolation won’t take one far. Today, power flows to those who think in terms of abundance – those who recognize the correlation and reciprocation of personal and collective success.

What used to be considered ‘trade secrets’ is now about trading secrets because important information and game-changing ideas do not appreciate in solitude.

Have a good idea? Share it. Hoarding is not investing and power is not about withholding information, it’s about sharing it to empower others.

If people now have the ability to discover what they wish to know, why not opt to be the messenger? Or better yet, why not share what they don’t know they don’t know?

Be a Maverick,

– Kent

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  • Carol Kappes says:

    Of course, you should share to others. I believe the reason that you should is for the future generations to see some of your expertise and why it has worked so well. Sometimes others can come with varying ways to do things to make it go smoothly and proficiently; whereas others could not come up with the idea.

    This global society we now live in with the internet and social media only proves the idea that sharing information makes people more knowledgable.

  • Anastacio says:

    Great blog post!!! I was thinking about this exact topic 2 days ago. I have a friend that I feel his hesitation with information. What can I do about it? Any recommendation!!!

    I’m naturally a person who loves to help everyone succeed. And I strongly believe that to excel in the 21st century we have to adopt an abundance mentality. If not, we are going to be left behind.

    Keep it UP!!!



    • kenthealy says:

      Hi Taso. The best thing you could do to help your friend is to refer to real life situations as examples to support the idea. Sharing insightful and important information is one of the best ways to win the hearts and minds of others – and this, of course, is a worthy outcome for all parties.

  • Katrina says:

    This post is totally on target! How today’s business model is impacted in relation to the flow of information is completely different. The most valuable part of this new process is making sure people understand the value of a well-crafted message, to ensure the meaning behind the information is truly understood and shared.

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