Passion isn’t stumbled upon, it’s hunted with passionate action.

We’re led to believe that we’ll find passion so long as we are hopeful it will one day arrive. But this leads to the most common complaint I hear: “I know I could be successful, but I just haven’t found anything I’m passion about. I need something that makes me come alive.”

But here’s the truth: we don’t merely ‘find’ passion, we can only pursue it with passionate action (Tweet this quote). We cast our net by moving forward. If you’re not 100% sure what direction is ‘right’ (like the majority of us), then chose what you think or feel may be the best available option and throw yourself into the pursuit of excellence in that area.

The worst thing we can do is stay in neutral, waiting to ‘pull the trigger’ until we can pull it passionately (Tweet this quote). Waiting for the perfect moment to commit 100% to something is the ideal recipe for passing life up.

Apart from the rare exceptions (that, for better or worse, also get the most exposure), one’s true passion in life is most often preceded by a passion to get going and experiment (Tweet this quote).

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