Navigation is not intuition

We must be able to navigate through life – to chart points A and B and then voyage between them. But sometimes we need to know when and where to venture off the known path. The challenge comes when realizing that these enigmatic deviations display no conventional sign postings and appear without warning.

While navigation is a helpful part of planning and preparing for an epic journey, it is still a process of reference to an already established map – a conventional construct of what appears to be a safe and predictable world. However, even a detailed map doesn’t account for real time changes, environmental variables, and new opportunities.

Recognizing the many, sometimes very subtle, uncharted passages and deciding to move ahead or pull back requires intuition – an amalgamation of instinct, risk, reward, and faith.

Intuition is that fire in your belly, that voice in your head, and that peculiar gravitational sensation pulling you away from the beaten path with an uncanny sense of purpose. And yes, it’s something worthy of your attention. After all, it’s our intuition that provides life’s memorable adventures and exceptional rewards.

Be a Maverick,

– Kent

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  • Maureen Ely says:

    Happy Holidays Kent. As I type this the holidays are a great example of the plan being Plan A, and Plan B which is reality. New things happen quite often and thank goodness for that. Life would be boring to me if that weren’t so. The thing I really need to watch out for is in my younger days and living by the pamphlet: You2 (Exponential 2)I took many (fun) risks. Doing a 20/20 now that I am wiser tells me that taking risks a bit slower (like sleeping on things for at least one night) helps me to not pay a hefty price. Now I include my hearty, the gut and of course my analytical brain is always in tact.

  • Lynda Williams says:

    Hmmm, strange you should say that. I’ve been wrestling with a particular navigation item for the past couple weeks, which came to fruition last night. The thing is, once faced with the culmination of where my intuition has led me, then the doubts set in. To conquer those doubts required generating a certain level of confidence and dumping the fear. These emotions all need to play nice together, but it’s not always that simple. Signposts along the way, such as your blog above, are what makes this whole show even more interesting and boosts the feeling of “being on the right path.” Time will, of course, tell.

    • kenthealy says:

      All very true and real observations Lynda. The truth is, looking for certain feedback that you’re headed in the right direction is futile. I recall an earlier Maxim: Uncertainty is a choice. Since we never have full control nor all the answers, sometimes the best insurance is our ability to choose to fully apply ourselves in whatever direction we decide to walk while staying alert enough to ‘sniff the wind’ for subtleties. Easier said than done for the fundamental reason that the step by step recipe does not exist. But if anything, the reality of this ominous ambiguity in life is merely a frank reminder that the pursuit is always more important than the outcome.

  • Sean Murphy says:

    You can also navigate based on mental maps. Many nomadic peoples travel based on mental maps without a written map. To me the distinction you are trying to make is between following someone else’s map and following your own. More complex maps are actually probabilistic: for example prevailing currents and prevailing winds that may be there versus islands and coastlines that won’t change location.

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