Media & Interviews

We enjoy working with the media and will do everything we can to respect your tight deadlines.  If you would like to arrange an interview with Kent please contact Karen at

Kent’s media experience began in his teenage years.  Today he continues to captivate audiences of all ages and backgrounds.  His delivery is passionate, informative, and composed.  Many media outlets invite Kent on their shows multiple times after being inundated with emails and calls from viewers and listeners.

Some topics for interviews include:

  • How to prepare for the upcoming changes in the global work environment
  • How to find and/or create opportunity in the current economy
  • How to make yourself valuable at work
  • The myth of job security and how to fix it
  • 5 traits of the future entrepreneur
  • Is conventional education becoming obsolete?
  • Forgotten education: Real-world skills for the game of life
  • Current events and other topical subjects

“After my first radio interview with him [Kent], I was completely fascinated with his grasp on life’s meaning, its challenges, and what it means to take personal responsibility. What has equally impressed me is his ability to communicate with all ages, as has been confirmed by my audience’s response, which is why he has returned as a guest on my show many times. He is always entertaining, energetic, and informative, and every topic is new and exciting. There are few guests who have been able to bring the same consistency of quality to my show. On the phone or in person, his unwavering enthusiasm and self-confidence are evident in all that he says and does. He has a true gift in being able to express himself both verbally and in print in a way that appeals to all ages.”
– Joanie Greggains, KGO Radio, San Francisco

“The ideas promoted by Kent and Kyle [Kent’s brother] are the perfect step in the right direction … As radio guests they hit a home run in every way possible, from their on-air enthusiasm to listeners who inquire post-haste through word of mouth–that is, someone who didn’t hear the interview makes an inquiry because someone who did passed along an enthusiastic word.  I just hope TV programs don’t steal these guys away from us radio folk; I’ll be hard pressed to find guests this good on a subject this important.”
– Bruce Maiman, KFBK Radio, Sacramento

If you would like to arrange an interview please contact Karen at