Make it personal

It seems that there is often an undeclared battle among start-ups and entrepreneurs to look more “professional” and “slick” than the next guy over. Desperate to be taken seriously and build credibility, entrepreneurs opt for a polished image to set them up for success. Ironically, they end up blending in the crowd.

A constructive business and brand, however, focuses on changing the customer’s relationship with the product or service that is being offered. This is critical. The business and brand should not just look good, it should feel personal, human, and authentic.

Many companies instead turn to technological hardware and software to look “cutting-edge” and consequently end up with more of the same. In a world full of Photoshopped images and digital typography, try marching to a different beat and stand out amidst the noise.

At M4M we challenge people to think and behave more organically, showing a more real and relatable image.  Everything you do should tap into a personal nerve allowing the viewer and the customer to identify with and trust the company and message being portrayed. How do you do this? Make your mission personal.

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