Live in permanent beta

In the tech world, software in the ‘beta‘ stage is functional, but not finished — it’s a period of testing and perfecting. My friend, Ben Casnocha and co-author/founder of Linked In, Reid Hoffman, did an excellent job applying this concept to  one’s personal life in their best-selling book, The Start Up Of You. Ben and Reid suggest that in order to succeed in the 21st century we must be constantly learning, experimenting, and improving.

“For entrepreneurs, finished is an F-word,” say Ben and Reid. “Great companies are always evolving. Finished ought to be an F-word for all of us. We are all works in progress (Tweet this quote). Each day presents an opportunity to learn more, do more, be more, grow more in our lives and careers. You will need to adapt and evolve forever — that’s permanent beta.”

I agree. Education does not start and stop at the classroom door. Ironically, the most successful, impressive, and beautiful minds are those who never leave the beta stage. Thanks for the inspiration Ben and Reid.

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