If you’re going to jump into the deep end it matters little how deep the water is

It was 2009 and the real estate market crashed. But I smelled opportunity. There was only one problem, however… I didn’t know anything about real estate.

I had two choices: One, wait as I learned all of the tools and information available or two, jump in the deep end, get started and figure it out under the necessity to perform.

I chose option two.  And that made all of the difference. I jumped in the deep end and forced myself to swim. If I had waited, the window of opportunity would have closed. Instead, I was forced to be super resourceful and productive. Four years later, I operate two real estate companies and enjoy the benefits of passive income.

Sometimes you have to be willing to jump… And have faith in your ability to learn to swim (Tweet this quote).

A NOTE to the weary: many times, it’s not until you’re in the deep end that you realize what you’re truly capable of doing. Few things bring out more motivation and dormant talent than the necessary pressure to perform (Tweet this quote).

Be a Maverick,

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