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It does not take many words to speak the truth

Most people would like to live in a world of truth, but they abate the possibility by dodging honest and candid conversations with themselves and others. It’s much easier to perpetuate feel-good fantasies, false beliefs, and embellished facts than to confront reality.

When commenting on discussions with US leaders, Indian Chief Josephof the Nez Perce tribe said, “While all their mouths talk right, I do not understand why nothing is done. I have heard talk and talk but nothing is done. Good words do not last long unless they amount to something… I believe much trouble and blood would be saved if we opened our hearts more… It does not take many words to speak the truth.”

Speaking the truth doesn’t take additional intelligence, explanation, or time, but it does require honesty – and honestly calls for moments of discomfort and vulnerability.

“We may be able to make our point more effectively by stretching the truth, glossing over inconvenient facts, or belittling other people and their concerns,” author, Chris Witt says, “but we’ll lose out in the long run.” And ‘we‘ is a matter of everyone.

Words determine our proximity to reality and our ability to change it. Choose them wisely because innovation, progress, and relationships cannot be sustained on anything but honesty. And that… is the truth.

Be a Maverick,

– Kent

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