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Immeasurable factors fuel measurable results

While some outcomes in life are clearly visible (savings account balance, weight, appearance, sales figures, etc.), many are not.  Sometimes to a fault, we place an exorbitant amount of attention on measurable metrics assuming what is most important can be measured.

But in our dogged pursuit of what is quantifiable we often neglect what is not.  The value that comes from daily maintenance loses much of its glory due the numerous immeasurable, overlooked, and undervalued rewards.

Perhaps, Einstein said it best, “Not everything that matters can be measured and not everything that can be measured matters.”  Without concocting a rigorous study (which most will never organize personally), it is difficult to measure personal satisfaction, peace of mind, elation, engagement, etc.

“Big deal. Gimme results!” the pessimist exclaims.

Blinded by a measurable outcomes, we are quick to overlook the root causes.  It’s often the immeasurable factors that fuel the behavior required to produce the measurable results.  An absence of satisfaction and passion begets results only in the interim.

If success is a combination of process, experience, and outcome then sustenance is imperative.  But caught up in the modern allure of immediate, quantifiable results, we burn out frequently, quit regularly, and rarely experience notable success.

Long-distance goals cannot be achieved without maintenance (ask any marathon runner).  Daily disciplines enable long-term performance and uncommon results.  In fact, the very nature of the word “maintenance” embodies a consistent commitment to the long-term… otherwise each action is merely anomalous – and like I’ve always said, the only difference between “luck” and “skill is consistency.

Be a Maverick,

– Kent

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