I have a hunch

Innovative changes begin as hunches. They may evolve into refined ideas over time, but a hunch is raw intuition – the human brain in it’s most creative state.

Having a hunch is equivalent to being mentally pregnant. The raw concept is still forming, still drawing from ancillary resources and data, and of course, it has yet to be released or tested. The hunch may be unfounded, crazy, counter-intuitive, unpopular, powerful, or all of them at once.

But hats off to those who have the faith to follow through with these unknown hunches without proof they will work. As Roger Martin, the Dean of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, once said, “The two most dangerous two words to innovation are ‘prove it,’ because nothing new can be proven in advance. It can only be proven over the passage of time.”

Do you believe your hunch has potential? Then don’t wait for ‘idea proof’ before investing time, money, and energy. In the end, the people who change the world are those who act upon the hunch that tells them they can change the world (Tweet this quote).

Be a Maverick,

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