Human rocket fuel

While writing a speech several years ago and reflecting on my entrepreneurial endeavors I noticed something interesting… Not one of my businesses began with a cliché spurt of inspiration. They were birthed as a result of my frustrations and willingness to create a solution.

The rush of inspiration is fun, fast, and extremely powerful, but a BIG mistake too many could-be Mavericks make is waiting to be swept up by a Hollywood injection of divine inspiration. And wait they do.

Budding entrepreneurs often underestimate the power of converting feelings of desperation into fuel for new action. Not satisfied with a product, service, market void, or comment someone made about you? Do something about it.

I’ll even be so bold to say that I believe inspiration is fleeting. Desperation makes for a much better long-term fuel if you have a clear goal in mind.

But whether it be inspiration or desperation, I just hope you’ll jump on board and light the rocket. Your life – and the world – will be better for it.

Be a Maverick,

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  • Anupama Javalagi says:

    Hi Kent
    As entreprener,Mom of 2 teenage daughters your posts always give me new insights.I live in Pune India but can still relate to everything you share. I have just started conducting seminars for teenagers about life skills. I see that a lot of kids are waiting to be stuck by a bolt of inspiration so your thought of using frustration to come up with some thing new is very helpful. Will surely share it ith kids in my next seminar. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work. I think of you as my reverse mentor !
    Anupama Javalagi

    • kenthealy says:

      Anupama, Thank you for your kind words and the work you do in the world. We’ll all be much better off when young people have practical insights and skills that allow them to do great things with their time and abilities. Glad you’re enjoying the new M4M. Many more to come!

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