Hello, my name is CEO

Should everyone start a business? Maybe not. Should everyone think and act like an entrepreneur? Absolutely.

It’s not even a question of ‘should.’ it’s a must. Thus, this image is really a theme for this century.

Successful people are always their own CEO… they need not own their own business, but they are in charge of their own life. They don’t wait for others to direct their life. It means educating oneself, taking pride in performance, taking initiative, and taking responsibility.

Creating and managing one’s personal brand will be more important than associating ourselves with an established company.  As we move further into the 21st century, our future will depend on personal action and creativity in applying what we know to differentiate ourselves from the majority.

Essentially, you must call the shots in how your resources are to be applied, cultivated, or ignored. As CEO of your life, it’s time to start thinking like one (and no, demoting yourself is not option).  Fortunately, a jaw-dropping repertoire of skills and assets unique from competitors is not necessary for personal success. You simply need to be creative, resourceful, and committed to honing your abilities within our most constraining construct of all assets: Time.

The right combination of creativity and discipline invested in your existing assets will pay their weight in gold. In this case, remarkably, you have control of both.

View yourself as a venture capitalist… your next great investment?  You.

Here’s to a Maverick life!

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