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He who cares less, wins

This concept is counter-intuitive and perhaps even antagonistic to those deeply involved in the world of self-help and the devout fundamentalists of the law of attraction movement.

However, at times, there is a clear advantage to being emotionally removed from attaining a specific outcome. This is especially true in times of negotiation where a request or exchange ensues.

Our human tendency to “want” creates emotional strain and clouded judgment. We are often too quick to commit and slow to assess.

Another obvious consequence of over-investing emotionally is the transference of leverage from the seeker to the possessor.  The more something is desired, the more we compromise when and where it may not be necessary.

Although this behavior could be construed as emotional insecurity in some ways, it’s not intended to be a cop-out concept to justify a unconscious fear of commitment or loss. Embraced correctly, it means creating and maintaining multiple options so the reliance and attachment to one single outcome is not over-influencing our ability to make sound decisions.

In some cases, the most self-discipline is demonstrated in our willingness to walk.

There is a time and place for emotional commitment and vulnerability. But there is also a time a place for emotional impartiality. Knowing the difference is a matter of emotional intelligence (EQ). Master it, and the rewards are plentiful.

Be a Maverick,

– Kent

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