If wellness is the engine of life, then we’re building the vehicle

I met the founder of Fig.com long before Fig ever existed. Kevon Saber is a successful, serial entrepreneur from Silicon Valley who is genuinely committed to making the world a better place. His latest venture, Fig, empowers people to lead a healthier, more well-balanced life. As the website reads, Fig provides an innovative application that becomes, “Your personal wellness guide for body and soul.” It’s a very powerful tool to cultivate discipline, tap into a supportive community of other Mavericks, and access relevant resources.

After learning more about each others recent musings, we enthusiastically agreed to work together on some customized M4M art. I commissioned this art for his business to visually communicate his mission, goals, and values. Kevon can display the art in the Fig office, on t-shirts, coffee mugs… well, as many things as he can dream up. 

Mission statements are critical, but they are often shelved and rarely read. Not anymore! And not with M4M! We help create images that embody a company’s core essence in fun way that is immediately digestible and seen on a daily basis. Our environment matters… a lot (view this video to see for yourself).

Would you like a customized piece for your business, family, or group? Contact us for more details.

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