Depart from the ordinary.

I love signs for the same reason I created Maxims4Mavericks: They offer an immediate and universal way to communicate a concept or idea.

Lately, I’ve been on the road a lot … or more specifically, in the skies. So not surprisingly, I’ve been looking at a lot of airport signs.

I like heading to the airport and following the departure signs. Not because I like sitting on planes, but because I like the idea of departing from the familiar and beginning a new adventure. Call me crazy, but I enjoy challenging predictable circumstances. It keeps life interesting and forces you to be mentally sharp and engaged. You certainly can’t live an “uncommon life” if your daily life becomes a common collection of routines (Tweet this quote).

But enough with the rhetoric. The purpose of this post is simple: Seek new adventures as a result of deliberately leaving convention behind. Life is just too short to put your days on repeat. When is the last time you ditched the ordinary at work or in your personal life?

Wait, what’s that? … I think life is calling you to board.

Be a Maverick,

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