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Creative flow comes from letting go

The value of “creative flow” cannot be underestimated. It’s a source or inspiration, imagination, and genius – things coveted by man for centuries.

Despite some common beliefs, great ideas don’t arise from a deepset effort to expel intelligence, but rather a process of “expressing” thoughts and energy without self-scrutiny. The greatest encumbrance we face is, not surprisingly, our own self-delusions and insecurities.

In reality, many of the assumptions we have about ourselves and the world curtail our creative potential.  Notice when our creativity was flourishing as a pre-teen we also had the fewest number of assumptions about what can and cannot be/happen.  Often unknowingly, we begin to veer away from engaging our mind to pander to knowledge-based activities and professions where mental recall is displaces creative output.

Regrettably, we too easily assume that we are not creative and leave the inventiveness and innovation to the dissident “eccentrics.”  But, lack of imagination is an indication of negative mental baggage and weakened curiosity, not a lack of ability.

Don’t undersell and under-utilize your natural creative potential to label yourself more comfortably as a “knowledge worker.”  In the emerging world, creativity is disproportionately rewarded.

You are more than a informational regurgitator – and you need to be in order to increase your personal value in this new marketplace.

Be a Maverick!

– Kent

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