Commit to make it play

When things aren’t going your way, but you’re committed to getting to the outcome you want, what do you typically do?

You commit to make it work.

This commitment to see things through is imperative, but as a Maverick always looking to innovate, there is a slight shift that can improve results.

You see, the problem with always trying to “make things work” is, well… it starts to feel like work — and who wants that? If we label the process as work from the outset we may be unknowingly hindering our enthusiasm and creativity to accomplish the goal.

I noticed this myself when my motivation to accomplish certain goals appeared to fluctuate. It seemed the harder I pushed the faster my enthusiasm diminished. But the goal itself — the outcome that once inspired me — never changed, so I was confident I could reinstate that missing personal drive.

When reminded that half the outcome IS the journey (common knowledge that’s easy to forget), my perception of the path and process of what lay ahead changed. To make this change of perception more permanent I began to carefully choose how I set the stage for action. In other words, I decided to replace the words “make it work” with “make it play” and I’ve been able to resurrect my creativity and passion because this new approach creates little psychological resistance. I’m not always in the mood to work, but playing? Sure, I’m in. 

Sound a little ridiculous? Perhaps. But if subtle tweaks of language and psychology weren’t so powerful, the advertising industry wouldn’t be anywhere near the size it is today. Learning what we respond to and how to direct those responses is one of the most powerful insights we can learn. Hopefully you’ll find, like I did, that this is one of many tools for building not only more discipline and creativity into your life, but also more fun and enjoyment. 

PS: This same approach also works extremely well with personal relationships. Be it friendships or marriages, too much “work on the relationship” extinguishes the spark that’s required to keep passion on fire. 

Be a Maverick,

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