Commission Kent’s Art

Be an “environMENTAList”

Your environment matters. What you see each day is subconsciously recorded and outwardly expressed. This is why inspired minds and companies cultivate that inspiration by surrounding themselves with constructive, thought-provoking, visual queues. At Maxims 4 Mavericks (M4M) we call this process being an “environMENTAList.

At M4M, we work with companies, organizations, teams, and families to give members a sense of daily inspiration and direction.

To see how our environment influences our psychology, watch clip below:

Everyone needs a compass

Kent refers to M4M pop-art as “Wall Compasses” because they serve as daily guideposts, reminding everyone who looks at them what the grand objectives are and the best path to get there.

These custom, commissioned art pieces embody and reflect the goals, values, and vision of each client Kent works with. To accomplish this, Kent works directly with clients through a process of interviewing and observing (with possible in-person site visits) to articulate, in visual terms, what the organization/team/family stands for and what may inspire them.


Without a totem pole, people drift

A mission statement does not fix team members to an unswerving train track. In fact, most of the time mission statements are soon forgotten. Even if the statement is posted on the wall, team members rarely, if ever, stop to read it. But in the passing of time, people inevitably diverge from the company’s or team’s mission.

The cost of this mental drifting is immense. To come together and fly in the same direction, team members or family members benefit greatly from frequently witnessing totems, guideposts, or “Wall Compasses” in their daily environment. In the time it takes to glance at an image, people are reminded of what matters most: Culture – the omnipresent goals, values, and vision of the company, organization, team, or family.

Since what we see each day both consciously and unconsciously impacts our thinking and our behavior immensely (watch this short video, for example), smart companies, teams, and families capitalize on this powerful opportunity to visually communicate the essence of what/who they are.


What do we provide?

Kent has an uncanny ability to take the convoluted components of culture and deliver a surprisingly simple phrase and pennant that embodies the existing core values as well as the desired ones. As mentioned above, Kent works directly and intimately with each client to identify a “maxim” and then couple it with a paradigm-bending, inspirational image to be used as a shepherding totem.

Depending on the goals of the organization this new “maxim” can take many forms:

Giclée gallery canvases of any size (Great for lobby entrances, mastermind meeting rooms, employee cubicles, client gifts, etc.) Wall decor placed directly on the wall via di-cut vinyl to create a truly submersible and creative environment. Wall decor can be as small or as large as one desires. Business cards and other office stationary Print-ready advertising to appear on billboards, in magazines, or used in online ad campaigns Promotional items such as tote-bags, posters, t-shirts, coffee mugs, key chains, and more


Consulting: After years of running his own successful businesses and speaking at various organizations, Kent now works with businesses to develop ways to stimulate creativity, productivity, and leadership in the workplace. At the end of the consulting relationship, Kent creates a custom pop-art “wall compass” as a workplace guidepost inspiring team members to ‘fly in the same direction.’ Speaking: Using M4M pop-art as paradigm-bending visuals, Kent frequently speaks about creative thinking, entrepreneurship, leadership, productivity, and many more topics at schools, universities, and businesses. Learn more or contact us below with details about your event.

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