Branding and Advertising

Branding and advertising:

Good branding and advertising should:

  1. Emotionally connect with its audience
  2. Embody the spirit, values, and vision of the company/creator
  3. Be unique, memorable, and easily recalled
  4. Provide information quickly and succinctly
  5. Motivate the viewer

At M4M we accomplish the above with our unique approach to the following two characteristics:

1. Style:

Good advertising changes the customer’s relationship with what’s being marketed. This is critical. The ad itself should not only be clever, it should feel personal, human, and authentic. In an effort to differentiate themselves many companies turn to technological hardware and software to be “cutting-edge” and consequently end up with more of the same. In a world full of Photoshopped images and digital typography, M4M art marches to a much different beat – and consequently it stands out amidst the noise. The hand-drawn, organic look is not only unique looking, it taps into a personal nerve allowing the viewer to identify with and trust the company and message.

2. Message:

The message must speak two distinct, but related languages:

1) That of the company/curator of the product/service/identity. M4M advertising embodies and reflects the goals, values, and vision of each client. To accomplish this, Kent, the M4M founder, works directly with clients through a process of interviewing and observing (with possible in-person site visits) to articulate, in visual terms, what the organization, product, or service represents.

2) That of the viewer. M4M identifies the target market/end user to locate and embrace the “sweet spot” – the area of overlap between the creator’s goals and end-user’s needs/desires. Every ad should present a believable solution to fulfill a perceived need.

Kent has an uncanny ability to identify the culture (values, perspectives, interests, norms, and goals) of both the curator and the consumer. He can take the complex and convoluted components of each and deliver a surprisingly simple, but thought-provoking maxim and pennant that embodies the essence of the campaign goals. With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, work with us risk free to experience the “enchantment” of M4M yourself.

Depending on the goals of the organization our marketing material can take many forms:

  • Flyers, postcards, and other direct-mail material
  • Magazine spreads
  • Business cards and other company promotional material
  • Billboards
  • Promotional give-aways such as t-shirts, tote-bags, mini-canvases, key-chains, etc.
  • Employee and client gifts

The sky is the limit. If you can imagine it, we can most likely help you accomplish it.

Single Advertisements:

We can deliver a one-time, stand-alone advertisement or other marketing piece to bring a fresh, new face to the product, service, or brand.

Ad campaigns:

We recommend and prefer to work with clients on campaigns (3+ ads) because the duration of the campaign allows us to build more coherence and consistency across all materials. By effect, this also increases brand-recognition and consumer trust.  M4M ad campaigns are mufti-faceted and involve, at minimum, a 3-part series of pop-art images that can appear in multiple marketing channels.

At M4M we don’t limit ourselves (or you) with too many parameters upfront. Since every client has different needs and goals, we like to communicate with our clients to learn more about these aspects before providing a proposal. Please contact us below if you are interested in learning more.

Logo and identity:

After selling his first corporate logo at age 15, Kent continued designing unique logos for companies and organizations over the years. Although his pop-art tends to reflect a very consistent style, his logos vary immensely depending on the professional genre, emotional goals, and the company’s culture.  Please contact us below if you are interested in learning more.

Our 100% guarantee:

We are very confident in our ability to deliver something unique, memorable, and impactful.  This is why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. In non-hype terms, this means you don’t pay us a dime if we fail to meet our agreed upon goals and milestones.  Our turn-around time is also impressive. You can also read what others have said here, but to best get a feel for our work, be sure to browse the gallery.

Other ways we can work together:

License existing art.
If you find an existing pop-art image on this site that connects with you and embodies your organization’s mission, contact us about licensing the rights to use the image in your marketing materials. Learn more.

Custom, commissioned art to embody and reflect your goals, values, and vision. Kent refers to these images as “Wall Compasses” because they offer daily reminders of the grand objective and the best path to get there. To accomplish this, Kent works directly with clients through a process of interviewing and observing (with possible site visits) to articulate, in visual terms, what the organization/team/family stands for. Learn more. Speaking: Using M4M pop-art as paradigm-bending visuals, Kent  frequently speaks about creative thinking, entrepreneurship, leadership, productivity, and many more topics at schools, universities, and businesses. Learn more or contact me below with details about your event.
After years of running his own successful businesses and speaking at various organizations, Kent now works with businesses to develop ways to stimulate creativity, productivity, and leadership in the workplace. At the end of the consulting relationship, Kent creates a custom pop-art “wall compass” as a workplace guidepost inspiring team members to ‘fly in the same direction.’

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