Writing, Publishing, & Columns

Are you looking for a unique article series or column for your magazine, newspaper, or other publication? Kent can provide:

  1. An image to appear in your editorial cartoon section.
  2. A “visual column.” This is a combination of a both a paradigm-bending image and roughly 100- 200 corresponding words.

Unlike many typical “cartoons” Kent’s paradigm-bending pop-art embodies a thought-provoking message that people can use to better their lives. Looking at one of Kent’s pop-art images is akin to reading a 1,000 word article. In our fast-paced, information over-loaded society, most people don’t have time to read long blog posts but still crave mental stimulation.

In a few seconds, an M4M image can accomplish the same or more than a long article. And most importantly, readers enjoy them. Many M4M subscribers have said that they enthusiastically await each new post/image on the M4M blog. Now you can share this same reader anticipation in your publication.
If you are interested in publishing/distributing Kent’s work or would like to explore the possibility of a guest article in your publication, please contact us:


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