Tomas Ignasio
I love Kent’s term, ‘Wall compass.’ That’s exactly how we view Kent’s work in our office. It reminds our team to challenge complacent thinking and embrace our core values as a company.
Tomas Ignasio Entrepreneur
Patricia Lowes
I get more comments from guests about Kent’s artwork than any other piece in our home. And every time, an excellent conversation ensues.
Patricia Lowes Business Owner
Stewart Roew
M4M pop art is an exciting new vehicle to promote thought-provoking ideas. A quick viewing stimulates a lot of deep thought and discussion.
Stewart Roew Writer & Speaker
Jack Canfield
Kent’s ability to assimilate and integrate massive amounts of information and then craft it into a compelling present- ation is phenomenal. Kent has pursued his interest in the psychology of success with a fervor and determin- ation I rarely encounter. I know that Kent will be a valuable leader and asset to any business or institution he works with.
Jack Canfield Co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul
Robert Wright
What I admire most about Kent is his proclivity to simplify complicated concepts. I’ve been following his work for years, but adding a visual twist to his ‘uncommon insights’ has been paradigm-bending indeed. His art is bound for big success.
Robert Wright Psychologist
Joanie Greggains
I am completely fascinated with Kent’s grasp on life’s meaning, its challenges, and what it means to take personal responsibility. He has a true gift in being able to express himself both verbally and in print in a way that appeals to all ages.
Joanie Greggains KGO Radio Host, San Francisco
Meredith Portman
It’s surprising how much can be com- municated in one of Kent’s pop art images. It would take pages of text to accomplish the same impact.
Meredith Portman Student
Andrew Jun
What I love about Kent’s artwork is that it offers such a broad spectrum of perspectives. Each viewer can take away a unique message that speaks to them personally.
Andrew Jun Pharmacist
Linda McIntyre
It’s clever. It’s thought-provoking. It’s memorable. And it looks awesome on a wall! Kent’s M4M artwork adds more inspiration to each day.
Linda McIntyre Mother

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