Every end is a new beginning

Another year has come to an end already! Perhaps you’re sad or excited about this — maybe both. But regardless of what you’re feeling, new adventures lay ahead; they always do.

I think too many times we (myself included) take for granted the number of times we get to press the restart button, run another lap, and start a new chapter. The process urges us to reflect upon and redesign things for the better. This is an incredible gift and opportunity available to anyone reading this right now. Sometimes it’s easy to think we’re on an inescapable train track to a set destination. I don’t buy it. We have more power than we often admit to radically change our lives when we truly decide to turn the page and start anew.

The extent of the change, adventure, excitement, and fulfillment that follows depends on how we view the relationship between the end and the beginning. You will find that for the Mavericks that have changed their own lives and the world around them, their actions show that the “end” is inherently connected to the “beginning,” but never predetermined by it (Tweet this quote).

Here’s to an incredible year ahead! Happy New Year everyone!

Be a Maverick,

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  1. 1-4-2013

    What a good time to remind everyone of the meaning of the new year. We get so wrapped up in the idea of resolutions, but really, who even remembers the resolutions they made (and probably failed to follow) last year? Nonlinear thinking is harder than it seems, but still worth the effort. If we could just remember to let go of the past, while learning to relinquish a tendency to accept things at face value, so much might be accomplished, especially on an emotional or psychological level. That’s my game plan, anyway. Happy New Year!

    • 1-4-2013

      Thank you for sharing Lynda. Sounds like you’re running on a full tank of Maverick inspiration. Love to hear it. Happy New Year to you as well.

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