Beware of the herd

On one hand, rules and norms create social cohesion and order, but on the other, they breed conformity and complacency.  Most social norms and rules were created with a purpose, but relevance is never permanent.

Times change and change often requires a new approach. This is why tradition is never an excuse for repetition (Tweet this quote).

Too easily and too often we assume our existing rules and norms are the best, most logical, and perhaps only way to navigate the world. But this train of thought is not only fallacious but perilous.  We shut doors of opportunity and growth that we didn’t even know existed.

This maxim is far from an ode to lawlessness.  Some social norms and rules are beneficial and others are enforced by judicial law, but many are not.  Outside the laws of science (which we admittedly still know little about), the majority of our most restricting rules (often self-imposed) can be bent, broken, and refashioned — and this does not require being unlawful or unethical.

Don’t choose conformity and compliance over creativity because you’ll most likely end up somewhere (and someone) you don’t want to be. Let your intuition and creative inclinations be heard before you become part of the herd. (Tweet this quote)

Be a Maverick,


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