Be willing to work or be willing to be worked

Both the hammer and the nail appear on the job site, but one is at the mercy of the other.  One is hammering and one is getting hammered. Technically speaking, this isn’t always negative. After all, nails are needed to build structures — but nails are rarely Mavericks. Why? Because the outcome of the nail depends too much on the hammer.

Sure, this metaphor is admittedly over-simplistic. One need not be the ‘only’ one calling the shots. But it should be noted that Mavericks inherently want to do something that matters to them. You won’t find them ‘standing by’ waiting for direction or inspiration. Nope. They, are too busy working. And that’s why they WILL eventually ‘hit the nail on the head’ and land that life changing project. (Tweet this post)

Be a Maverick,

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