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Balance is about prevention, not damage control

Why are so many people unpleasantly surprised when they feel unsatisfied or experience burn out? When viewed objectively, the cause is most often not a secret. We overextend. We overcommit. And we under-nourish our mind, body and spirit.

Sadly, it seems to be human nature to wait until something is not working in our lives before we change our priorities. This, however, is damage control behavior.

Balance, on the other hand, signifies the reverse; it’s a commitment to maintain physical, mental, and emotional harmony for sustained performance.  Easy? No. Worthwhile? Yes.

The cost of burn out is extremely high: decline in health, dwindling passion, lack of creativity, opportunity cost of time spent idling, etc.

In this case, prevention is the best cure. Mavericks understand that the pursuit of balance is lifestyle choice and a long term commitment. It’s also the only strategy for prolonged success – no matter how it’s defined.  

Be a Maverick,

– Kent

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