A picture is paradigm-bending

“A picture is…” well, many things. But most importantly it’s a single icon that can represent so many ideas, concepts, beliefs, and messages in one glance. Look closer and even more is revealed.

Images give the viewer enough information to present a theme, without pigeon-holing the message. They are suggestive, but ultimately, viewers are able to take the lesson they most need to hear.

Finally, powerful images are remembered for a lifetime – the same can’t be said about most articles we consume.

If we find the image’s message impactful, it can urge us to rethink our assumptions about ourselves, other people, and the world we live in. Since misery and opportunity are revealed through perspective alone, it’s important to embrace the most constructive perspectives we possibly can.

This is what Maxims4Mavericks is all about… sharing images that urge us to rethink and reflect upon life as we know it today.

As post #1, stay tuned for more paradigm-bending pop art in this ‘visually nutritious’ blog experience.

Here’s to a Maverick life!

Image code: APICTUREIS

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